Is Network Marketing Good or Bad to Start one’s Career?

For a small few, network marketing is a successful profession. For the number of people, it would be a loss. An effective multi-level marketing venture may entail a substantial expenditure in time and resources, as with any company. Properly completed, it is a perfect way to create capital. But for people who think that they can make a fast buck with it, there is no room.



Network marketing is an advertising company focused on referrals. An enterprise can deliver a product or service and hire others to market it to them. For what they offer, sales reps, who are private contractors and not workers, are charged fees. When they appoint other reps, they can often receive a percentage of their revenue as well. Let’s assume, as a simple example, that a business uses an MLM model to market laptops.



You could join since you will receive a 10 percent discount on each one you sell. You will also receive a 2 per cent commission for each laptop I sold if you hired me into the business. And if I wanted to hire someone else, you’d earn 0.5% on each one they’re selling, and so on. Effective network marketing software developed by robust MLM software solutions provider can help you in managing the efficacy of your MLM business.



How Can You Become Successful In MLM?


The biggest value of multi-level marketing is that without having to create a product or a brand, you can establish a thriving business. The business offers it for you; a sale is all you need to do. To boost the chances of growth, a well-managed business would have schemes and marketing materials available.


Here are a few factors that can define how successful you will be in your MLM venture. Along with these factors, it’s imperative that you deploy effective network marketing software developed by MLM software solutions provider.


In addition, MLM is a perfect way to improve talents in sales, public speaking, teamwork and management. I always recommend it to young businessmen who have not yet determined what they want to do.


Network marketing does not make you wealthy overnight, but to have a profitable company, it will teach a great deal of what you need to know. As a testing ground, you should use it. Reliable MLM software solutions providers can empower your MLM business through robust network marketing software that can bolster your chances for success and establishing a noteworthy market presence.


Finally, many individuals find benefit from mentorship and build elements that are interested in network marketing directly.


You’ll find a group of like-minded others if you engage in MLM. Your co-workers will expect financial stability to be accomplished, they will stick by their product, they will believe in their goal, and they will continue to develop their talents. In and by itself, that’s valuable.



Choosing the right MLM Partner

A lot of MLM junkies are there; people who jump from one network marketing business to the next. Any time a sparkling new business opportunity emerges, they desert the former. You would also be stopped from investing adequate time on your plan by jumping ship. You’ve got to find and stick with the best business. You’ll typically encounter blogs that brand them scams when investigating prospective businesses.


Without bad press online, I have never seen an MLM company. Someone who claims they have been cheated off will still be there. You should focus your assumptions on evidence, in my view. Often, there’s a fire where there is smoke. Most times, though, individuals are either frustrated or attempting to push traffic to their own marketing venture for the network. Don’t ignore what you’re reading here, just try to grasp the context it was written in.



How you choose to Invest in your Earnings

Spending network marketing earnings on enhancements and training programmes are popular. The agency would also allow you to do so, defending it as an “investment in yourself.” While there is a fact that, people often go overboard. Much of what they produce, they’ll pour right back into the business, leaving nothing for themselves. Using that will dry you out too much.


As a rule of thumb, you should aim to engage in things that can raise income directly. For instance, if you spent $200 on hosting a recruiting seminar at a hotel, you might make $1,000 from it. It can be a risky trap to constantly purchase programmes and events that have indirect promise. Effective network marketing software developed by reliable MLM software solutions provider can help you in establishing how you invest your earnings.



Your ability to Absorb Losses

Income is never secure, nor is it promised in any business. You could experience months of good earnings followed by droughts as an early MLM entrepreneur. For at least a few years, the firm would not obtain stable passive earnings. Robust network marketing software developed by credible MLM software solutions providers can help you in streamlining your revenue operations.


Such volatility can, especially for those with high expenditures, be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. You should be prepared for swings in earnings and properly monitor the money you make. Credible MLM software solutions providers can help in examining revenue down to the last dollar.



Marketing for networks can be a successful professional to try. If you build a squad of hard-working people, you will do very well. The passive income that can be produced is enormous. To gain financial stability, it is definitely a tool.


MLM, however, has drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest one is people being told that it can lead to quick cash and then later finding the truth. If you make an educated decision and work tirelessly for accomplishment, then I will support it. If you can’t stick to that, however, look for possibilities elsewhere.

Impact Of Network Marketing In 2020: A Global Perspective

India’s economic recession plays a key role as more and more entrepreneurs think out of the box to opt for a “Network Marketing or MLM” industry channel that is wide-spaced and profitable.



Indian people are thinking about making money easily and clearly, and the key highlight of the network marketing sector is the same. To know the past and future of the network marketing company, people are too smart to evaluate the history, statistics report, or growth of network marketing company 2020.



The current state of MLM or network marketing in India appears to be promoting and ensures potential progress in the industry. A network marketing software developed by an MLM software provider has largely facilitated the growth in the industry.



India is still standing behind compared to the other developed countries in order to fully embrace the MLM market. The MLM fraud working behind the network marketing corporation is the only explanation for this. The scams are decreasing the Indian economy, but measures are now taken to get rid of MLM scams.



We will look at the development of the network marketing sector in India in 2020 in this report. A network marketing software developed by a reputable MLM software provider has provided the much-needed expansion in the domain.



Expansion Of Network Marketing In India


Network marketing is one of the oldest and most common organizations to offer multi-level goods and to shape an extensive network of people to support the brand. Nowadays, to remain profitable, it is the right industry to start working in more than 100 + countries with a large scale of the market. Around 167 billion USD, that is.



In India, the direct sale market seems to be promising in terms of the benefits generated. Actually, it is almost twice the figure in 2016 compared to 2011. It is apparent from the Assocham survey that it will cross a peak of about 159.3 billion in 2021. For each customer, the average selling is growing, and it is almost around $300 annually.



The study also shows that there is sufficient room for marketers in the network marketing industry and that the contributory framework can be developed to improve the MLM company in India. The study revealed that during the period 2015 to 2016, the ranking of MLM company increased from 22nd position to 20th place. During those years, the top three economies were the US, Korea, and China.



The amount of revenue hit a global high of $183 billion during the years 2015 to 2016. A growing number of individuals have begun to enter the MLM company. Nearly 80 percent of countries around the world have begun to enter the MLM market. A network marketing software developed by a credible MLM software provider has enhanced the revenue for the domain.



In India, the direct sale market seems to be promising in terms of the benefits generated. Actually, it is almost twice the figure in 2016 compared to 2011. It is apparent from the Assocham survey that it will cross a peak of about 159.3 billion in 2021. For each customer, the average selling is growing, and it is almost around $300 annually.



Although there has been continuous growth over the years and the benefits have enhanced the importance of the Indian economy, because of the different schemes implemented in India, this MLM company is less welcomed in India.



In order to sustain this network marketing business, these network marketing programs often entail a significant cost. Indians faced unscrupulous network marketing schemes in India where they didn’t make any profit from the MLM sector.



The numerous recommendations should be applied at different levels and strategies in order to increase the development of network marketing firms. A retention climate for the MLM sector would be provided by legislation such as the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) program and the consumer protection bill.



With the above records, India’s Network Marketing turnover is expected to hit a high of INR 645 billion by 2025. Different social and economic variables have also been influenced.



According to the survey carried out between 2015 and 2016, nearly 50,000 individuals profit from the MLM resources provided by direct sale firms. A network marketing software developed by an MLM software provider has driven enormous profits in the sector.



Benefits Of MLM In India



Enormous Potential for Passive Income

The network marketing corporation will give its large client base opportunities to gain passive income and encourage micro entrepreneurship. Around 5 million distributors are projected to be engaged in the MLM industry to gain passive profits.



Promotes Women Empowerment

It is reported that about 3.4 million women were working as MLM company distributors during 2013. The Network Marketing company opens up the room for women’s empowerment and has built a strong opportunity for women to more efficiently combine their time and work.


Generates Employment Opportunities

As we have already noticed that it provides advertisers with passive profits, it also provides a vast amount of individuals with job opportunities. MLM firms work much of the time with multiple manufacturers and conduct tasks such as manufacturing and delivery.



Growth of SMEs

Direct selling businesses come up with new product releases and focus on SMEs to boost the characteristics of their products. This provides SMEs with opportunities. Companies invest in the right SMEs in order to introduce new products for their MLM business.



Contributes to the Public Sector

That the MLM enterprises provide the government with a big levy. It aims to boost the Indian economy by its tremendous income. The tax generated was about INR10 billion during the year 2013. Direct and indirect taxation also adds to it. A network marketing software developed by a credible MLM software provider adds a whole another level of transparency in the domain.



Wrapping Up


Information from the above figures demonstrates that the MLM industry has excellent potential to gain greater performance in the future of Network Marketing in India. The social and economic parameters in India have been influenced by it. It is expected to cross approximately 159.3 billion in 2021 and INR645 billion by 2025. We can quickly infer that network marketing growth in India is very promising.

Learn About The Importance of Network Marketing

Network marketing or multi-level marketing is a strategic business opportunity for a sustainable revenue stream. A Network Marketing company backed by a robust network marketing software offers you a chance to make money and grow quickly in today’s ever-changing world.


What is the promotion of the network? The business model in question consists of a variety of dealers and individual agents distributing the goods of a corporation. Distributors are also required to hire multiple individual company agents to attract the largest possible amount of prospective buyers. How relevant is network marketing? Discuss five reasons why network marketing is important in the world today.


Significance Of Network Marketing



Enormous Potential for Passive Income

You qualify to earn deferred revenue on the grounds of the prior activities. Residual receipts are focused on goods and service purchases. That ensures that you will be charged for one sale in the long run if the Network continues to generate repeated sales. Network marketing is important as it allows you to earn more and work less through the production of your passive income sources. Enjoy your network marketing flexibility with a robust network marketing software backed by MLM software solutions.



Good Demand for High-Quality Products

Network marketing firms are known for the development of revolutionary products which hit the stormy market. The immense demand for these products stimulates sales. The goods are also explicitly designed to generate repeat operations. Network marketing enabled brands through endless chains of agents to expand into multi-billion companies that ensure that multiple standards continued to grow and progress. A network marketing software developed by reliable MLM software solutions can help you in managing all the product inventories and sales seamlessly.



Enables a Quality Way of Life

The personal development of other people is an important explanation of why network marketing is relevant. Lifting other people and watching them get better every day is very rewarding. You expand as the company expands through network marketing. Your talents, abilities and experiences will also earn excellent benefits, especially with part-time and full-time distributors.



Let your Business Work for you

Leveraging is a wonderful tool for wealth building. The creation and development of the network are of paramount importance in network marketing. Customers can find what multi-level marketing helps. By cultivating a positive mentality, the team works together, and the organisation begins to build itself. You continue to benefit from the advantages of network marketing. For example, while you’re on holiday, you can make money. You reap the rewards and build win-win relationships as you teach others how to do business too.



No Need to Hire any Employees

This is by far a clear advantage compared to traditional firms. A partner MLM network is an organisation that collaborates independently. It is possible to create a corporation from home without any staff. This industry offers you the added benefit of having a network of independent entrepreneurs working towards a common goal in companies without employees’ concerns. A network marketing software developed by robust MLM software solutions can help you in managing the performance of all your teammates.



Very Low Operating Costs

Compared to every other company form, the network marketing model provides for low-cost operations. This is where the assistance of your upline can be given. A good upline mentor can encourage you to get back on his experience, advice, and resources to pay off your initial investment and early in business life. Due to a network marketing software backed by reliable MLM software solutions, an MLM venture can be operated at a very low cost.



Freelance Business Model

Today we can do what retailers could not do fifteen years ago, with the introduction of technology, which makes our companies portable. We now have a mobile system that lets you take your phone and send it to your customers anywhere you want. As long as you have access to the Internet via DSL or Cable, you can use your computer, telephone and continue to do business when on the road, on holiday and in a foreign country.



Enormous Income Potential

How much revenue you can produce doesn’t have a ceiling. In my experience at the corporate level, I have significantly confined myself to this respect, regardless of how hard I worked for the businesses. This is not the case with an MLM application. You have to know what you want to gain. An MLM corporation does not deter you like the market climate.



Tax Benefits

That’s an incredible advantage. You earn any of the same tax breaks from a home-based enterprise that the wealthy are now profiting from. You will gain and gain from 250 tax benefits targeted to the wealthy! In addition, tax advantages alone are higher than the original prices. Network marketing software backed by robust MLM software solutions can help you in reaping all the tax benefits that the MLM business has to offer.



Financial Security

We read of businesses laying off workers every day. When working with someone else, there is no freedom at jobs. With the diminishing labor market and economic advancement leading to less and fewer workers, the same work as it once was expected. What is better than having a career revenue stream where you can be outsourced or downsized at once or extra profits from a network marketing company? You have the flexibility of your network because you have your own network marketing firm. Yeah, there are businesses coming and going even on network marketing, however, they can not steal the network, however.



Potential for Personal Growth

It is broad and synonymous with network marketing, in my humble view. Your professional growth and the success of your company are imperative. You have to rise if you want a big income in particular. You must evolve into a person who supports others, inspires others, and allows others to make a living. You will become static if you don’t expand.

List of Considerable Factors to Choose the Best Network Marketing Company

Investing in an MLM business is no less than a nightmare especially when you hear about the scams most of the time. Even though there are so many opportunities that the network marketing business holds up for you, making a step forward gets tough. The most common concern here is picking up that opportunity at the right time.


And, how would you that?


This post is listed with 10 simple questions that can help you grab a great network marketing business opportunity.


Before heading to the questions, you need to check this with yourself – whether you are willing to give time and resources into something like a network marketing company since every opportunity comes with certain challenges. And in this case, the challenge starts with the right selection itself.


But no worries, when you have made your decision. We are here to help you with the first challenge with the list of questions that will help you choose the best network marketing company without much hassles.


Let’s begin with our list:


Question 1: Whether the network marketing company you are choosing has survived in the market for more than five years?


This will help you determine the reliability of the company you are going to invest your precious time and resources. Nothing can be as devastating as getting scammed.


Question 2: Whether the company has enough capital for continuous growth?


Question 3: Whether the products that the company is offering has enough potential to win the interest of the potential audience?


Question 4: Is the product has a need in the marketplace?


Question 5: Is the product offered relates to the recent trends?


Question 6: Is there a scope of immediate income from the product?


Question 7: Does the company leverages the full potential of technology to market its products?


Question 8: Is the person who introduced you the opportunity is trustworthy?


Question 9: Is there a potential to convert the opportunity into a full-time business?


Question 10: Do you really feel giving it full commitment and dedication? Are you passionate about success?



All these questions are important to keep in mind whenever you are up for the selection of the best network marketing company since they will help you evaluate the real potential of the opportunity you are going to invest your time and resources in.



You may find several companies suitable as per your criteria and questionnaire, the last thing in the process is to use your gut instincts and then make a final decision. If the company really has something that triggers your interest? If the company a real deal-breaker?


If you still have any more doubts or queries about the network marketing business, you can reach out to the Volochain team of experts. They will guide you in the right direction, making your selection more precise and wiser.


Why Volochain?


Volochain has a dedicated and experienced team of network marketing experts. They will help you to understand the business model along with different bonuses and compensation plans.


95 Mega Earners in Network Marketing World to Take Inspiration from!

Multi-level-Marketing i.e. MLM business has gained ample popularity in a very less span of time not only due to the financial freedom it offers, but also for being a flexible and lasting business opportunity for almost everyone.


There are many people who have already made their place in network marketing space and have become an inspiration for the people who want a flexible part-time or full-time business opportunity with good returns.


The list below shows just a few of successful people of



1 IBrian Carruthers $ 160,000 $ 1,920,000 LegalShield
2 Rita Hui $ 160,000 $ 1,920,000 USANA
3 Ryan Higgins $ 160,000 $ 1,920,000 Youngevity TruVision Health
4 German Castelo Muzquiz $ 160,000 $ 1,920,000 Kuvera Global
5 Austin Godsey $ 160,000 $ 1,920,000 iMarketslive
6 Steven and Monica Hsiung $ 155,000 $ 1,860,000 DoTerra
7 David and Tawnya Hsiung $ 155,000 $ 1,860,000 DoTerra
8 Michiko & Bruno Graf $ 155,000 $ 1,860,000 Nu Skin
9 Ming Kuan and Ming Chu Chen $ 155,000 $ 1,860,000 Nu Skin
10 Joachim Heberlein $ 155,000 $ 1,860,000 PM International
11 Alex Reynoso $ 155,000 $ 1,860,000 Melaleuca
12 Lynn Hagedorn $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Isagenix
13 Matt Morris $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 WorldVentures
14 Vladimir Polezhaev $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Oriflame
15 Brenda and Scott Schuler $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Young Living
16 Max Schwarz $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Amway
17 Peter & Eva Muller $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Amway
18 Carsten Ledule $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 PM International
19 Collette Larsen $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 USANA
20 Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Nu Skin
21 Edgar Mojica $ 150,000 $ 1,800,0000 4Life
22 Geri Cvitanovich $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Herbalife
23 Jordan Adler $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Send Out Cards
24 Roberto Ruiz $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Forever Living Pr.
25 Tim Foley $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Amway
26 Johnny Wimbrey $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 WorldVentures
27 Cheryl Cortese $ 150,000 $ 1,800,000 Juice Plus+
28 Gloria Mayfield Banks $ 145,000 $ 1,740,000 Mary Kay
29 Kathleen Deggelman $ 145,000 $ 1,740,000 Jeunesse
30 Allan Badilla $ 140,000 $ 1,680,000 iMarketslive
31 Chris Collins $ 140,000 $ 1,680,000 Le-Vel
32 Susan Sly $ 140,000 $ 1,680,000 Isagenix
33 Chris & Debbie Atkinson $ 139,500 $ 1,674,000 Ambit Energy
34 Phillip Birchfield $ 138,000 $ 1,656,000 Total Life Changes
35 Julia Yang $ 137,000 $ 1,644,000 Jeunesse
36 Kelley and Tyler Dickerhoof $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Isagenix
37 Jennifer Chen $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Jeunesse
38 Haris Tang $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Jeunesse
39 Alfred Nickson $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Financial Education Services
40 Craig Bryson $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Nu Skin
41 Ken Roland $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Morinda
42 Takako Kitaoka $ 135,000 $ 1,620,000 Nu Skin
43 Joseph Lim $ 134,000 $ 1,608,000 Alliance In Motion
44 Peter Greenlawh $ 132,000 $ 1,584,000 Isagenix
45 Gary McSween $ 130,000 $ 11,560,000 iMarketslive
46 Michael Palmstierna Hamilton $ 130,000 $ 1,560,000 Herbalife
47 Tsuyoshi Tomioka $ 130,000 $ 1,560,000 Synergy International
48 Tyler and Tasha Daniels $ 130,000 $ 1,560,000 LifeVantage
49 Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang $ 130,000 $ 1,560,000 ACN
50 Yun-Tae Hwang $ 130,000 $ 1,560,000 Synergy International
51 Tony & Randi Escobar/strong> $ 130,000 $ 1,560,000 Isagenix
52 Faraday Hosseinipour $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000
53 Bentek Hijani $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Kangzen
54 Carole Taylor & Peter Oelmann $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Isagenix
55 Elizabeth Weber $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Market America
56 Kei Itaka and Midori Tajima $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Nu Skin
57 Maria Schleipfer $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Amway
58 Rick Jordan $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Unicity
59 Rigo Yepez $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Ambit Energy
60 Ronnie and Sally Park $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Nu Skin
61 Renate Lee $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 Isagenix
62 Kim Madsen $ 125,000 $1,500,000 Forever Living Pr.
63 Satu Rusanen $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 PM International
64 John Holowaty $ 130,000 $ 1,500,000 Juice Plus+
65 Tim and Laura Sales $ 130,000 $ 1,500,000 ARIIX
66 Lindsey and Evan Gremon $ 130,000 $ 1,500,000 Young Living
67 Johnson Agbolu $ 125,000 $ 1,500,000 DagCoin – Success Factory
68 Ok Hee Kwan $ 124,000 $ 1,488,000 Herbalife
69 Resa and Matt Salter $ 124,000 $ 1,488,000 Nu Skin
70 Presley & Jeanie Swagerty $ 123,000 $ 1,476,000
71 Deni Robinson $ 122,000 $ 1,464,000 ASEA
72 Susan Lan $ 121,000 $ 1,452,000 Jeunesse
73 Jeff & Denise Bracken $ 121,000 $ 1,452,000 Juuva
74 Marcel Dezso $ 121,000 $ 1,452,000 PM International
75 Brian & Andrea Sax $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 ACN
76 Chandra Putra Negara $ 120,000 $1,440,000 Kangzen
77 Franco Lofranco $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 ACN
78 Max Knowles $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 ACN
79 Yuu Avantra/strong> $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Nu Skin
80 Norman Cornejo $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Zrii
81 Ralf & Heike Wunsch $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 PM International
82 Tanya and Jeremy Kirkpatrick $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Isagenix
83 Jeanmarie Hepworth $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Young Living
84 Bri Richardson $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Younique
85 Ronaldo Arriaga $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Kuvera Global
86 Anthony Napolitano $ 120,000 $ 1,440,000 Kuvera Global
87 Paul Ovens $ 115,000 $ 1,380,000 DoTerra
88 Daniel and Jennifer Kim $ 115,000 $ 1,380,000 Nu Skin
89 Debbie & Geoff Davis $ 115,000 $ 1,380,000 ACN
90 Kenton Worthington $ 115,000 $ 1,380,000 Nu Skin
91 Werner Kaiser $ 115,000 $ 1,380,000 LycoNet-Lyoness
92 Shari Brown $ 115,000 $ 1,380,000 Younique
93 Logan & Haley Stout $ 114,000 $ 1,368,000
94 chip macgill $ 113,000 $ 1,356,000 New U Life
95 Denice and Tom Chenault $ 112,000 $ 1,344,000 Youngevity


You must be wondering how these people managed their marketing business. Well, it was not an easy job earlier. But now one can manage all the operational tasks of the MLM business by using good MLM software.


If you wish to know how MLM software can make your business journey easy, efficient, and manageable, get in touch with the expert consultants at Maxtra Technologies. They can customize the MLM software exactly as per your business needs.