April 20, 2020
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Is India a Hub for direct selling business (MLM) ?

The last few decades have created avenues of business opportunities for youngsters. Amongst the 130 crore population, we have a rich younger crop .So producing employment for such a massive workforce remained a brain-storming task. Back breaking inflation, job security and sole earning emerged as a major challenge.


Everyone can’t be a govt. incumbent as aspirants exceed the no.of vacancies. Not only the population in whole but the age bracket 18-35 workable population. So technically, we are a superpower in terms of working population leading socio-economic classes. Enabling job opportunity to such a massive population is like solving a JIGSAW. Then much popular private sector in metro cities came to the rescue by rendering endless opportunities for both skilled and unskilled. But again, these are all sources of active income where your skill & labour pays you. The need for a passive income is realized. Not


Private sector in India is a contributor to the micro-economy. A morale booster for job seekers- with all credentials in a portfolio faces the wrath of either unemployment or no employment. Working in the private sector remains the sole way to earn daily bread with unpredictabilities. Neither the government nor common people can deal with mounting unemployment.


A majority of the crowd despite working in the private sector don’t foresee a stable future. Running a business comprised of many factors be it sufficient capital, risk -taking potential or retaining a pool of talent. One should have the spending potential and the back up plan to mitigate unforeseen situations; earning a livelihood is essential too. What can a job-seeker do ? No one denies earning passive income. As this is perhaps the only door where you could surge income with assured returns.


It makes direct selling software a huge asset for network marketing. Citing the growth of the private sector govt. too is boosting the morale of the private sector. Even in 2nd tier cities, you see possible avenues of employment. You can always get things done in the right direction.


Let’s understand what Direct Selling is ?


A channel through which global brands and smaller entrepreneurial companies market products & services to customers. Market is loaded with types of products including jewelry, cookware ,cosmetics, energy insurance. Making MLM software handy to take a deep dive in network marketing. Working part-time helps direct sellers to work part-time: offering work to busy parents, caregivers, military spouses, veterans and gives them flexibility and most importantly work-life balance. The advancements in technology promised hope for an improved economy, whose foundation is built upon entrepreneurial spirit and independent work. No irony to say direct selling is the oldest way for millions of Americans who have chosen to work independently – long before the global penetration of the Internet.


It has a long history of contributing to the economy while supporting millions abroad. It diminishes the concept of middlemen to purchase products with direct benefits.


As per PM Modi’s Agenda youngsters these days should be– job creators than job seekers. For that reason, we could see a surge in startups following his START UP India campaign. Also, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) is funding entrepreneurs.


Providing fact with the need for a passive income is of utter importance.This makes Direct Selling a golden way to earn passive income. Who would not like a recurring income ?.It allows you to seek advantages while generating a source of income.



An Independent Salesforce


Direct selling works with a unique approach where products & services work on latest marketing technologies. Direct selling companies manage a salesforce of millions of independent workers in sectors e.g. Real estate, travel and technology rather than relying on traditional retail outlets or online marketplaces, As per DSN( Direct Selling News) there are top brands which are at the forefront for leading the direct selling revolution in India. DSN Global 100 list recognizes the achievements of MLM software companies with a dynamic perspective on the global impact of the industry on economic and social realms. Imparting mutual learning not only for industry members, but for researchers, investors and most importantly those looking to earn passive income.


Independent work adds value to those working for the economy and society. Independent direct selling consultants earn commissions on sales and work for themselves. Setting their hours, creating marketing plans, determining whether to build a sales team and monitor to serve customers are the hallmark of direct selling.


Millions of independent direct sellers see advantages in working for themselves. The most obvious reason is to grow business. The freedom and flexibility to set own working hours while working all types of people to direct selling, including parents with young children, students, caregivers, retirees, military spouses.


Start-up costs for most direct selling companies do not cost dollars or less as direct selling isn’t reliant on traditional advertising breaks the bone of investors and costs tens- or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. AT Volochain we provide global investors with a chance to see the versatile market of MLM.

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