May 6, 2020
Top multi level marketing company

Top 10 Multi Level Marketing Company in India

What can be an appealing business prospect in this pandemic ?The conventional marketing has taken a back seat as all business strategies are ‘biting the dust’.
When WORK-FROM-HOME strategy has become a global norm. So what can business investors do? Yes, your guess right. Many of us heard & seen but could not muster courage to even discuss network marketing. A blessing moment for all investors. Not a blessing in disguise but an opportunity in adversity.


Through this article we’ll learn why choosing an excellent Software provider is a necessity!



A Brief On Multi-Level Marketing :



As popular as Multi-Level Marketing) means marketing at different levels of business. A dream coming true for investors to keep the ball rolling when the industrial economy is reeling under great pressure.It facilitates sales of products & services, achieving sales targets while increasing business volumes. Though network marketing companies work with a different mechanism incorporating rules and schemes in MLM.



Let’s take a look on Top MLM Companies In India:



1- Herbalife – A global multi-level company that develops & sells dietary supplements which makes it a noble choice for fitness freaks.



2- Modicare- With more than 40 centres across the country.A dynamic company that sells products in industry giants.



3- Vestige – A Company that deals in personal care products including toothpaste, hair oil,& Flax Oil Capsules which make this a preferred choice.



4- Oriflame- For women looking beautiful is the priority.That inspired oriflame to become a no. one beauty care product MLM brand that deals in Multi-level marketing.



5- RCM- One of India’s largest selling companies with a network chain of millions of people. It allows sellers to earn residual income which strengthens your financial security.



6- Medicare- It is the fastest growing MLM organization in the country. It deals in vast care of merchandise from wellness, skincare, personal care,home care etc.



7- Avon- This is the largest seller. It is currently being populated in different locations in India and is running for years. It provides beauty and pores and skincare merchandise towards the women section.



8- DXN india – A very popular company in India. It is recognized for special merchandise.It deals in food supplements, liquids and non-public care products.



9- Naswiz- It is a small company that deals in small merchandise especially home care products. In this you can have direct selling upto 30 %; makes it popular among homemakers.



10- Safeshop-  A popular MLM company that deals in major segments like education, health & beauty, garments for ladies & gents.







Volochain is an MLM software provider that helps you in meeting diverse demands of MLM service and develop a successful business model.One thing that separates us from rest as we are a leading software provider that fulfill your MLM software needs. Knowing the fact that the demand of MLM software is raised exponentially when it comes to network marketing.We benefit business entrepreneurs when it comes to MLM Software. We sell direct selling software to business entrepreneurs which signifies our success. It provides software in all popular MLM plans which make us ‘jack of all trades’ in MLM plans.





This plan primarily focuses on business development. A plan where both promoters and consumers work for development of network marketing business. A metaphor where consumers work like two ‘wheels of a same cart ‘to cover distance. Both have to move in the same direction. Preparing a board gets maximum benefits which makes it a revelation in MLM..You can have extra advantages when you choose software from Volochain.





In this plan you share profits when sharing marketing business..It covers everyone from top -to -bottom while covering a generation plan.It works at a better pace and explores exemplary services.





This allows you to have certain objectives making a stair step plan highly successful. Here the income is based on a method which breaks to a certain level which is no longer part of the organization.





One of the oldest plans in the network which works in patterns.It allows you to build a network as vast as you look for front line distributors. It is very effective in group sale accounts. Allowing distributors to shift the focus and break away from the intermediate level.



Unilevel MLM Plan


An unlimited plan that sponsors lines to distributors, so everyone sponsors is frontline (i.e. spillover).This suits best for everyone whether you are going to build a stronger and longer network. A dream come true for start-up companies.



Why Volochain Software Services are Essential For MLM Business ?



  • MLM multi-currency system

It allows global investors to make investments without hassles and no difference in currency.


  •  MLM mobile app

A great asset for mobile apps as one can see advantages using MLM devices.


  •  Multi- Language System

It ensures there is no language barrier when interacting with diverse customers


  • CRM Integration

It allows you to see your progress in marketing chain when it comes to CRM


  •  Payment Gateway

A robust payment gateway facilitates swift payment process.


  • Website Design

A soothing website ensures you have the right platform that complement business.



If you’re looking for an excellent service provider then VOLOCHAIN may prove to be an excellent service provider.


Having a robust multi-level marketing software into the system makes your understanding better to tackle business anomalies. You equip free samples, demos to bolster business sales. To reiterate if you are looking for a versatile business idea, then nothing is better than MLM .As stands for Multi level/layer marketing based on the distribution of products & services.

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