November 21, 2020
What Challenges you Face in Multi-Level Marketing Post Covid-19

What Challenges you Face in Multi-Level Marketing Post Covid-19

It is estimated that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the direct sale industry will be important. That’s because direct marketing has historically focused on live demonstrations of face-to-face experiences. The direct sale business model has now been severely affected in terms of the social distancing standards and shelter-in-place mandates issued by federal, state, and local health authorities.


Approximately 85 percent of consumers are, unsurprisingly, gloomy about the year ahead, according to a biweekly survey of some 2,000 U.S. consumers by L.E.K. intended to chart pandemic-related adjustments in opinion. An MLM software can help you in successfully navigating this pandemic.


We foresee a sustained scale-back of the discretionary spending of all sorts because of this along with the extraordinary increase in unemployment claims. Consumers have also reported substantial reductions in monthly purchases across many direct-selling channel segments (e.g., consumers have reported spending 15%-20% less on beauty products).


Not all the press, though is terrible for direct sale. In contrast, other groups, such as dietary supplements, see higher spending at least temporarily) then they did before the recession. What’s more, the customer reconditioning that takes place in such a health situation is likely to revive interest in categories of wellness. The potential shift in receptivity to the market opportunity provided by direct marketing is a second mitigating factor.


The hiring model would be altered by the convergence of modern work-from-home flexibilities for the masses with the clear and pressing desire on the part of many to pursue secondary or alternate income streams. An extension of the future talent pool open to direct sale firms may be one good factor resulting from an otherwise terrible humanitarian crisis.



How to Tackle These Challenges?


Here are a few ways through which you can tackle the challenges posed to the MLM industry in the post-COVID MLM industry. A multi level marketing software can help you in tackling a majority of these challenges.



Emphasize on Repeat Customers

Usually, independent dealers in direct selling organizations focus on a mixture of two strategies: (1) creating impulsive purchases through live contacts with buyers who have not previously bought from the agents and (2) building lifelong partnerships with small groups of customers and reacting through continuing experiences to their recurrent needs.


Despite assistance services from the Direct Sale Association and others during the course of the epidemic, independent dealers that are largely focused on new buyers are likely to be substantially challenged. Multi level marketing software can help you effectively target repeat customers.


On the other hand, distributors establishing established partnerships will be more able to adapt, virtually sustain their relationships, and continue to generate revenue. With that in mind, by encouraging repeat sales, direct sale brands should aim to recognize and fund their independent distributors.


Develop an Ecommerce Presence

Companies such as Avon are emphasizing by developing, improving, or supporting the virtual stores for their vendors, whilst others are sharpening ecommerce products for their “preferred customers.” An MLM software might come in very handy in building your ecommerce presence.


Of course, direct sale companies would need to offset any attempts to push ecommerce by enhancing the degree to which a “value-added channel” is generated by the independent distributor partnership. An MLM software or a multi level marketing software can provide you with ecommerce plugins to develop an ecommerce presence.


Invest in online Tools

The conventional in-person model of direct marketing, especially group activities such as the “shake parties” of Herbalife Nutrition, would involve creative thinking in the near term and evolution over the longer term, provided social distancing criteria and the constraints on “non-essential” firms. It would be important to motivate distributors with social selling software and simulated meeting (e.g., Zoom) preparation, etc.


To that end, Herbalife has started providing web events rather than in-person workshops for its health education and exercise programs, acknowledging that online engagements have been better attended than ever before. Similarly, Amway offered additional online preparation and remote resources to the members of its sales to provide them with the tools they need to continue to virtually sell and sustain sales momentum.


Contribute to the COVID Response

Organizations who can personally contribute to the response initiative by manufacturing medical goods, contributing money, etc., may build good partnerships between distributors and buyers with future B2B clients and improve the reputation of their brand. An MLM software can help you bifurcate your earnings for an effective COVID response.


Amway, for example, began making and distributing hand sanitizer to hospitals in its home state of Michigan, and eventually gained widespread supportive media coverage; Avon donated gloves, soaps, and other personal care items across the world; and Nu Skin recently donated money, air purifiers and masks throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.


Develop your distributor Network

The direct sale provides the promise for future independent distributors to reinvent themselves in a new profession with the rapid and drastic rise in unemployment claims and potentially longer-term distortions to the workforce. Targeted recruitment campaigns to attract potential distributors have not been promoted by direct sale firms so far; however, existing distributors are actively trying to get them into the network.


Since COVID-19 becomes a worldwide pandemic, current direct sale companies have used social media to threaten new candidates, responding to shelter-in-place orders and mentioning how “there has never been a better time to work from their homes.” Multi level marketing software can help you immensely in developing your distributor network.



To survive the COVID-19 pandemic, there are various strategies that direct sale brands may use. There are specific tactics that aid, from relying on returning buyers to translating COVID-19 advice into wider health and fitness themes to highlighting the advantages that direct sale provides new hires.


During these extraordinary days, direct sale brands have arms in their arsenal that they do not yet know would serve them so well. Just remember to deploy an MLM software or a multi level marketing software for all your business requirements.

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