October 12, 2021
Generation MLM software

What is Generation MLM Software And Its Benefits?

There are various degrees of commissions in the Generation Plan, and as the generations increase, so do downlines’ commissions. If the first generation MLM plan is deployed using a generation MLM software, the commission rate is 10%, the second generation’s commission rate could be closer to 7%. The percentages for the third and fourth generations may be as high as 5% and 3%, respectively. 


Repurchase plan and gap commission plan are two more names for generation plan. Companies that are only focused on selling their products rather than recruiting employees prefer this strategy. This program keeps all members motivated to sell, regardless of their position or generation. 


After a time, participants in most other well-known MLM schemes begin to despise marketing and sales. This is a strategy popular among MLM firms in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry since it emphasizes product sales above everything else. Companies like this like the generation plan because it allows them to sell their goods more effectively without having to invest money on marketing or advertising campaigns. 


Generation MLM sofware  – How Does It Work? 


Understanding how Generation MLM Software work begins with understanding what a generation really is. Downline members are grouped into generations. For each generation, the number of downline members will be predetermined. Depending on the business, there maybe four or five layers of management. 


If it’s 5, we’ll pretend. Level 5 downline members are included in this definition of the first generation. The second Generation is made up of levels 6 to 10, followed by generations 3 through 15. The commission you get for goods sold by your First Generation will now be the highest, let’s say 10%. 


You’ll also receive a reduced commission starting with the Second Generation, say 7 percent. You will get even fewer commissions, say 5%, starting with the Third Generation and so on. The commission rates and the number of downline tiers in each generation are predetermined by the business. 


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While the commission rates drop as the number of generations increases, it’s essential to remember that as the generations increase, so will the number of members. According to the number of levels in each Generation, the Second Generation might include somewhere between 300 and 400 people if the First Generation had 100 members. 


Why do we Need the Generation MLM Plan?


Members are notoriously sluggish when it comes to bringing on new employees. Members spend less time recruiting new members because of the focus on selling goods. An MLM company’s development is hampered by this predicament. Meeting sales goals and recruiting new colleagues are equally important for an MLM business.


Difficulty monitoring and keeping track of financial transactions. Companies that adopt the generation plan have accounting challenges due to the different commission rates and generations. It’s also more difficult to manage teams with various payment schemes when dealing with different generations of the business. 


Low-volume goods aren’t a good fit for this design. Companies that offer low-moving, but expensive, items such as white goods are not well-suited to the generation plan. This strategy is best suited for sales that are low in value but large in volume. 


People are under constant, unwarranted strain. Members who want to make a good living must sell large quantities of goods on a regular basis. As a result, individuals with weak sales abilities are more likely to leave the company. This is another danger that an MLM company following a generation MLM plan through a generation MLM software must avoid. 


The advantages and disadvantages of the generation plan software 


This is the best option for businesses that want to sell things. This strategy keeps all associates, regardless of their position in the downline, motivated to sell goods. As a result, the business can rely on strong sales performance from every member of the team, which helps move items forward quickly. The generation compensation plan is used by all FMCG MLM firms, as can be shown by the latest generation MLM software statistics. 


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There’s no need to spend a lot of money on advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising drives companies that follow the generation strategy. As a result, they won’t have to shell out money for traditional forms of promotion. Products with poor profit margins and high quantities to sell in a short period of time need this. 


Lower commission rates in subsequent generations are offset by an increase in the number of members. Despite the fact that commission rates decline with each passing generation, the greater the number of members, the more money the company will make. This may be better understood if you picture it like this. You will get a 10% commission on the first generation’s sales volume and a 7% commission on the second generation’s sales volume. 


Newer goods may be regularly introduced by the company. The sales teams of companies that use this incentive scheme tend to be more experienced. As a result, the business has an easier time experimenting with novel goods on a regular basis. 


The USPs of the Generation MLM Plan


  • The Generation MLM plan is to look at if your business sells a lot of low-value goods. 
  • You should use Generation Compensation Plan if your goods are of high quality and you don’t want to spend money on promotion. 
  • Advertising through print and broadcast media, such as newspapers and television, costs a lot of money and will eventually lead to higher pricing for your products. Instead, if you go with this MLM strategy, you’ll be able to give your customers better deals on the goods they buy. 
  • In addition to improving your company’s reputation, this is an asset. When searching for an MLM business to join, anybody with strong selling abilities should seek one that follows this MLM strategy.




Choosing the right compensation plan for your MLM business is crucial for ensuring its success. You need to stay on your heels and find the compensation plan that best suits your requirements. In fact, you should ensure that any plan you choose satisfies the downline of your business.


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