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Forced Matrix Plan

Forced Matrix Plan- Decoding the Commission Structure in the Plan

Some entrepreneurs thoroughly know Matrix MLM Plans. They also love to dive deep into the ocean of compensation plans. The forced Matrix plan also captures the attention of budding entrepreneurs and startups. This plan offers a valuable and enticing commission structure. This commission structure helps startups and entrepreneurs excel in their endeavors. Various compensation plans are the backbone of the growth of the MLM business. We have penned down this post to summarize the Forced Matrix Plan. Also, you will get to know its associated commission structure.

So, are you ready to go through this engaging post that will clear all your doubts? So, let’s hold on to the excitement and begin reading.

All about Forced Matrix Plan

Forced Matrix or Matrix MLM, Plan is one of the most popular plans. We can implement this plan in Multi-Level Marketing. In this plan, all the members get paid for their sales and the sales of recruits they bought in. The forced matrix plan employs the compensation structure in a matrix structure. The plan organizes the compensation structure like 2*2 or 3*3. Thus, the plan allows them to earn commissions from their sales—the sales generated by the members. The top members of the plan also earn commissions from the members recruited by their recruits.

Types of Matrix MLM Compensations:

Let’s look at the various MLM compensations in the Forced Matrix Plan.

    1. Sponsor Bonus

MLM companies provide incentives for sponsors or referrals as incentives to recruit new members. Team members can get sponsor bonuses upon completing the initial level in the matrix MLM plan.

Certain online MLM software provides options to alter the bonus percentage according to the company’s rules and guidelines. The most popular MLM Matrix  plans include 2×2, 4×7 x 5 5, 5×7, 3×9, and 2×12 in width and depth.

    2. Level Commissions

A level commission refers to the payment made by new distributors. The commission may be paid from the distributors recruited by front-line employees who make sales. The commission can be increased to the nth degree.

For instance, a 3X3 matrix gets a level commission when the first three members sign up new members and earn the benefit of a sponsor. The next-level members can recruit three new users to earn higher reward points.

    3. Matching Bonus

The term “matching bonus” refers to payment made by sponsors based on downline distributors’ income they have sponsored. For instance, if there’s a 20% bonus and distributor X has been funded by distributor Y. Thus, when distributor Y receives any commissions or rewards, the distributor that sponsored X will receive 20 percent of the commission earned from distributor Y.

    4. Position Bonus

Team members who invite new members to become part of their matrix are awarded a bonus for the position.

In a 3X3 matrix, each member is eligible for an incentive to join the group when a new member is added at the 3rd level. The proportion of position bonuses can be lowered or increased according to the company’s guidelines and policies.

    5. Forced Matrix Bonus

 In the Forced Matrix MLM Plan, a Matrix bonus further incentivizes distributors. Members are eligible for this bonus once they have filled their matrix with members from the downline.

For instance, in an example of a 3X3 matrix, the members must recruit three members on the first downline—nine on the next downline and twenty-seven in the final.

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What are the Potential Spillovers from a Forced Matrix  MLM Plan?

Spillovers are an integral element of the Forced Matrix MLM plan. “Spillover” refers to a situation where a distributor is the sponsor’s individual participant in becoming a network member. However, they are not put in the direct downward line for the distributor as the downline is already full. So, they are placed in the first available position within the network.

Let’s take an example.

The primary member is Distributor A. This distributor has appointed Distributor A1, Distributor A2, and Distributor A3. Under distributor A1, further, in level one, B1, B2, and B3 are recruited. Under Distributor A2, B3, B4, B5 are recruited. Under Distributor A3, B6, B7, and B8 are distributed. Now, under level 1, these downline members will recruit one more downline, which means they will recruit three members under them.

Different Scenarios within the Matrix Spillover

Every MLM business that uses the Matrix structure to manage its marketing network could have a preference regarding the placement of new members in the genealogy tree.

The most popular spillover method is moving them from left to Right. When no positions are available at Level 3, the system will put an additional member into the next position on the Left.

A variety of scenarios could occur when introducing new members to the Matrix network.

    1. The Parent and the Downline Sponsor are the Same

The HTML0 Matrix spillover scenario is where the sponsor and owner of the downline are the same.

In the above scenario, Distributor A1 sponsors B1. In addition, B1 brings two new members to the network, C1 and C2. In this case, C1 and C2 are both direct downstream lines of B1.

    2. The Parent and the Sponsor are Distinct

The HTML0 Matrix spillover scenario is one in which the parent and the sponsor are distinct.

Distributor A1 introduces C2 as a new participant in the network under this scenario. C2 can’t be placed directly under A1. The system places C2 in the following location from the left, under B1.

The sponsor and parent of C2 are distinct. As Distributor A1 introduced C2 into the network, he then became C2’s sponsor. C2 was placed under B1; it became the parent of C2.

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Why do MLM Organizations opt for a Forced Matrix MLM Plan?

The Matrix system in network marketing permits organizations to establish a well-organized group of network marketers. They also make management easier and promote quality recruitment by limiting the number of people in the marketing networks.

It’s not only the business that gains distributors who sign up for the Matrix MLM plan also benefit from it. The fact that there are fewer distributors results in less competition and the potential to earn higher bonuses and commissions.

The main reasons MLM businesses should choose a Matrix MLM plan are: The following are the reasons:

  • The Matrix MLM plan allows companies to sustain a long-term business model that helps to grow strategically as the business grows.
  •  A matrix MLM model offers distributors more potential earnings through spillover.
  •  The small number of network members encourages team cooperation. Distributors can provide the required training and assistance to each downline member.
  •  Matrix MLM plan provides structured payments to distributors. A restricted network makes calculating commissions and bonuses easier and more transparent.
  • The slim Matrix structure enables more rapid cycling. The term “cycling” refers to the time distributors have to complete a matrix before receiving bonuses relevant to their position. With fewer jobs, the distributors will be able to meet their recruitment goals more quickly and also be eligible to receive bonuses.

The Closing Thoughts

In this post, we have evaluated the Forced Matrix MLM Plan and its varied compensation structure. We also understand why companies must include the Forced Matrix MLM Plan in their strategies. So, in the present context, implementing software to execute this plan is extremely necessary. At the same time, we are opting for a reliable organization that can provide us with the best software for implementing the Forced Matrix MLM plan. Volochain MLM Software, the product of Maxtra Technologies Private Limited, is a direct-selling software that network marketing companies worldwide use. Book a call to know more.

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