MLM Matrix Plan

An Introduction to MLM Matrix Plan

MLM Matrix Plan is an organized plan for distributors that motivates them to hire more members down the line. It looks like a pyramid structure and follows the formula "Width*Depth" that may restrict the number of distributors in the initial stage while motivating them to increase the team as they go.

Also known as ladder matrix compensation plan and 2*2 forced matrix compensation plan, the MLM Matrix Plan offers a variety of features due to its organized structure unlike other MLM plans.

Volochain matrix plan software help business owners to climb the ladder of success in a particular manner while offering them a variety of features for easy management of their resources.

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How Volochain Matrix Plan MLM Software Works?

The MLM Matrix Plan software from Volochain has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to set their mlm matrix plan as desired. For example, let say - if you choose 2*2 matrix plan, you will be able to recruit two member and the rest of the members will go in the same order. Therefore, the matrix will have same numbers in width as well as depth.

This implies that the profit margins may vary at each level. Our matrix MLM software has all the features to maintain the order of the matrix you have chosen and will help you with the distribution of compensation according to the rules and regulations your organization follows.

Compensation Scenario with Volochain MLM Matrix Software

In the MLM Matrix Plan, the compensation and bonus ratio is the factor that boosts individual performance and keeps the entire business cycle comparatively active. Some of the compensations or bonus that MLM Matrix Plan generally offer includes Sponsor Bonus, Matching Bonus, Level Commissions, Position Bonus, and Matrix Bonus.

Sponsor Bonus

Similar to the variety of other MLM Compensation plans, the matrix mlm plan also comes with the advantage of sponsor bonus for the people associated. It generally includes the bonus that a member gets for recruiting new members. So, one can earn the bonus after filling up the members until their degree of first level.

However, the percentage of bonus will be the decision of company and may vary for the fillings at different levels of their business structure.

Volochain matrix network marketing software comes with an option of customizing the percentage of sponsor bonus for different levels, which can be easily configured by the concerned authority due to the user-friendly interface.


Level Commission

The matrix mlm compensation plan has another advantage for the members' i.e. level commission, which refers to the amount of money earned by bringing new members in association. The amount earned may be referred as bonus or profit. This works in the standard hierarchy already set in the initial stages.

The standard hierarchy here indicates the first two members will add new members and will get their bonus after completing the recruitment of two new members. The number of members may vary for different companies or products.

Volochain matrix mlm software will help you set the wodth*depth ratio and the percentage of the bonus that will be earned by the sponsors on adding new members to every level.

Matching Bonus

The matching bonus of a matrix mlm compensation plan depends upon the protocols any company defines for the compensation and bonus policies. Moreover, the matching bonuses are often the extra benefits that sponsors get. Every time a member of the matrix earns matching bonus, the sponsor will also get a specific percentage of that amount.

Each company may set a different percentage for sponsor and the tree members according to the margins they have. Nevertheless, it may get complicated in manual management of things.

That is why, Volochain matrix plan mlm software is designed with configurable options that allow a particular company to reconfigure or configure the bonus percentage at every level with the time.


Position Bonus

Position Bonus is the term that refers to the amount of compensation or bonus sponsor earn whenever a new member joins. It implies every new member makes way for a certain amount. Let say, if you have to recruit two people, you will earn individual bonus for each of them before you complete the matrix and earn another bonus.

Volochain matrix MLM software has so many options to customize - whether it the matrix of the people to add, the percentage of bonus for each member, or the percentage for every level.

Matrix Bonus

Matrix bonus refers to the additional amount of bonus to reward distributors. This compensation calculation follows a simple rule - more will be the number of members down the line, more will be bonus. For example, in a 2*2 matrix, the distributor should have two members in the first line, and 4 in the second. The distributor with complete matrix will be eligible to earn bonus.

Volochain matrix mlm software gives you added flexibility to set the numbers in the matrix as per the number of people required. You can also configure and reconfigure the bonus percentage in every regular interval of time.



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