MLM Board Plan

An Introduction to MLM Board Plan

MLM Board Plan is one of the most critical MLM compensation plans that focuses on the development of business services. It is also known as Matrix Cycle MLM Plan and Revolving Matrix Business Plan where promoters as well as consumers together work for the growth and development of network marketing businesses.

A fix number of promoters are classified as board, generally a group of 3,5, and 9. Whenever the number of member exceeds, the board is split into sub-heads until another board is formed. In this, each member gets a certain percentage based on the success at every level.

Volochain Board plan software help business owners to set the number of individuals to form a board. They can set the renewal time of the services and the percentage of bonus each member will earn.

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How Volochain Board Plan MLM Software Works?

The Board plan software from Volochain keeps the functionality of a Board plan simple, smooth, and effective so that everyone can leverage the exceptional benefits that plan offers.

Our Board Plan MLM software is easy to customize. It allows you to set the capacity of a particular board, percentage for each type of bonus and for each level of sponsors. Moreover, you can keep the track of active users whose referrals are working positively towards the growth and development of the business.

Compensation Scenario with Volochain Binary MLM Software

In the MLM Board Plan, the chances of earning good compensation and bonus are broad not only for the sponsors, but also for the users who refer the products and services they liked. The bonuses one can expect in board plan are:

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus is meant for the users who sponsor or give referrals to their near and dear ones. Our solution helps you maintain the customer database including the ones who are actively participating in the referral program so that they can get their share on time and stay motivated for more referrals.


Level Commission

In the level commission, the members with quality and active down line members get benefitted. More will be sales, higher will be the level commission. Our board mlm solution leverage efficiency and accuracy for sales and bonus evaluation.

Matching Bonus

The matching bonus of a Board mlm compensation plan is beneficial for the sponsors every time their down line members earn some bonus. Our customizable solution helps you keep a regular check of the bonuses earned so that each members get the rewards he/she deserve.


Position Bonus

The position bonus is the bonus given on adding new members just like mlm matrix plan. Our solution will help you maintain the record of new members while allowing you to set the bonus percentage for the deserving members.

Board Plan Completion Bonus

The name of the bonus itself specifies that it is for the members who complete the entire board keeping its height and width in consideration while taking care of growth and development. Our board plan MLM software will help you manage each of these criteria effectively.



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Volochain MLM Software Features

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