Stair Step MLM Plan Software

An Introduction to Stair Step MLM Plan Software

Eldest plan of the MLM plans is Stair Step MLM plan, also known as "stair step plan" or "Stair Step breakaway Plan." It is continuously in use because of the high earning potential it offers. It is, in fact, a risk worthy plan that holds more prominent achievements and rewards for the participants.

This is similar to the Unilevel plan, i.e. the unlimited members and unlimited earnings. However, the addition of a new process at every level wherein the team size gets bigger makes this plan breakaway plan. The only way to achieve the breakaway is that user achieves only when he crosses through all the ranks to reach the topmost one.

At Volochain, we have put forward the best of our experience and expertise to design this aggressive stair step plan that too with affordable price. Our objective is to simplify the mlm functioning while taking the efficiency of the processes to a completely new level.

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How Volochain Stair Step MLM Plan Software Works?

As this plan is quite simple to understand, we have developed our software with customizable options where one can set the cut-off percentage and the level where the breakaway is met. The revenue from this and the downline teams can also be easily managed with our software.

The main advantage of using our stair-step MLM plan software is to manage your revenue by building up the bigger teams and giving them good compensation rate.

Compensation Scenario with Stair Step MLM Plan Software

The Stair-Step MLM plan generally offers two types of bonuses for the performing members including:

Fast Start Bonus

The fast start bonus is actually for best performers who achieve their targets on time and acquire new designations quite faster. Every time a person reaches a new position, he/she is eligible for this bonus. Our MLM Software helps you to track such best performers so that they get their bonus on time and continue to good work with the same motivation.


Clear Ship Pool

The members who make their way to the next level are considered for a bonus percentage that is clear ship pool bonus. The user automatically gets the membership after reaching a certain level. Our software allows you to set criteria for achieving a particular level and the bonus one shall get.


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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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