Australian X Up MLM Software

An Introduction to Australian X Up MLM Software

Australian X UP MLM Plan is the purified version of the unilevel mlm plan . It is a modern plan that most of the MLM companies use today but tend to be difficult for the people who find its feature complicated.

Also known as Direct Sales Plan, Unilevel X up MLM and Rollup compensation plan, this compensation plan comes with extreme bonuses. Whenever a down line member meets the sales target, the frontline member gets great benefits if it is achieved within the specified timeframe.

At Volochain, we have developed the Australian X UP MLM Plan to help businesses with streamlined processes – be it setting the sales target, bonus ratio, or any other rules and regulations. Ours is a comprehensive solution for modern business needs.

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How Volochain Australian X UP Plan MLM Software Works?

Our Australian X UP Compensation software has made the entire sales and target process simple. Companies can list their members according to their levels, set their sales target and bonus percentage, and so on.

Our intuitive software makes it easy to calculate x-up bonus, fast start bonus, level commissions, and rank advancement bonus for all the active members who follow the processes just right.

Compensation Scenario with Volochain MLM Australian X UP Software

The bonuses that are offered under Australian X UP MLM Plan can be categorized into four groups, i.e.

Sponsor Bonus

Also referred as X UP bonus, the sponsor bonus is for the members who reach the x-level sales that have been specified by the companies. It automatically gets credited to the account of the users. Our software automates the entire process to provide timely rewards to the performers.


Level Commissions

The Australian MLM compensation plan offers immense profits for the top level members in terms of commission they earn when their respective downline members make some sales. The level of the tree doesn’t have any limitations and the users can take it to nth level, keeping things in order with our network marketing software.

Fast Start Bonus

Once the members reach the target revenue goals in the specified time following the x up MLM plan, they get the fast start bonus. The targets can be a monthly or weekly as specified by the mlm company. Our software has customizable features to serve every company with efficiency at the best.


Rank Advancement Bonus

Whenever a member qualifies to reach another level i.e. the higher level of the plan or the next rank, he/she is eligible for rank advancement bonus. Our software helps with setting the criteria and sales target to acquire the new ranks, and also the bonus ratio at each individual bonus.


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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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