MLM Gift Plan

An Introduction to MLM Gift Plan

MLM Gift Plan is one of the popular networking and donation plan that majorly serves the donations, crowd funding, and help programs. This plan gives everybody an opportunity to experience the entrepreneurship even if they are not financially well.

In this plan, everyone can make benefits with each otherís help. It implies that give and take help have great significance here. Be it comes with any terminology but the concept of the entire mlm gift plan relies on helping each other.

Volochain has developed the avant-garde software solutions for gift MLM compensation plan. We have covered all the aspects that such plan with crowded platform requires.

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How Volochain Gift Plan MLM Software Works?

To make the give and take help concept of MLM Gift Plan successful, Volochain came up with a solution to deal with different compensation and bonus ratio flawlessly. The overall gift plan depends on some criteria for accepting as well as donating gifts that may vary from company-to-company.

Volochain gift plan solution will help those companies to set limits for receivers a per their rank in the mlm. Our software is user-friendly and customizable that makes it a great investment for the people from non-technical background.

Compensation Scenario in Gift Plan MLM Software

Give and Take Help

The gift plan is purely based on two principles: Give Help and Take Help whereby members help each other to attain targets. However, it comes with a limitation on the help provided and accepted. Every company has a different limit to accept and give help. Here, our software comes into play to keep the things sorted as per the criteria set by the company.


Introducer Bonuses

As the name suggests, this bonus is clearly for the members who introduce new members in the system. More will be the number of members added; more will be amount of bonus to unlock. All you need to do is set your specifications and bonus percentage in Volochain gift plan software and ta-da!

Stage Increment Bonus

This bonus is meant for the people who successfully make their ways to the higher level of hierarchy. Every time a member gets promoted to a next level, he/she is eligible for the bonus percentage already specified by the company. Our MLM Software will help in setting different bonus percentages for different levels as well as qualifying criteria for promotion to ensure that every effort is rewarded.


Business Plan Gift Software

Having configurable plans for compensation, our gift plan software will work on all the operating systems, keeping management of funding in a flow. If you want to test functionalities and features of our software, then book a demo today!


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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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