Unilevel MLM Plan

An Introduction to Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel compensation plan is one of easiest MLM plan to work with. It is a plan with unlimited width i.e. one can n number of members straight under his/her supervision. This has no limitation. Therefore, it is even considered as the most efficient MLM compensation plan by many organizations.

However, the expectations get higher in such a scenario because you can simply add more and more members to your convenience. This implies that no level-based chasing. Just get them straight in a line for getting the job done.

Volochain Unilevel MLM plan comes with flexible features that allow distributors to keep a check on every individual working in their group. The width will directly affect the rewards or bonuses that a distributor will earn at large. Our software will help you manage the entire group and the earnings in super-efficient manner.

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How Volochain Unilevel Plan MLM Software Works?

Unilevel plan software from Volochain gives a distributor n number of advantages just like he expects in the business model where he can add n number of members to his team. This will eventually add to his profits and overall revenue. To manage this restriction-free MLM plan, our software stands true to all the individual requirements.

Quite possibly, with a structure like Unilevel mlm plan – the chances of earnings are more. So are the chances of mismanagement. Our software ensures that you can analyze your group’s performance every now and then to eliminate the members that are not adding to your as well as company’s’ goal to acquire a wider customer base and earning good returns.

Benefits of Using Volochain Unilevel MLM Plan Software

In the Unilevel MLM plan, one distributor can many sub-distributors and sub-distributors can have n numbers of members to work for them. This is often referred as restriction-free plan of multi-level marketing that can be understood and operated easily. The calculations are not complex and there are chances of increased earnings.

The Unilevel MLM plan software helps you manage the increased earnings and calculations per distributor with complete accuracy and efficiency because that is what matters to maintain the business growth without being unfair with the compensation or bonus ratio for any distributor. Our software will help you maintain complete transparency while generating real time results so that together you can become a trustworthy source for your customers and work towards their satisfaction without any loopholes.


Commissions to Expect with Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan

The Unilevel MLM compensation plan comes with a special category of compensation features from roll ups to infinity bonus so that each distributor will stay motivated with the amount of returns earned.

Sponsor Bonus

Like every other MLM compensation plan, the Unilevel plan also motivate the distributors with the sponsor bonus amount for promoting the businesses to the new members.


Level Commission

It is one of the commonly used compensation plan in Unilevel. It refers to the commission that distributors from the down line acquire through sales. As Unilevel MLM plan allows distributors to have unlimited members down the line, and each downline members can make another group of unlimited downline members, the commission from sales can also be increased up to nth level.

Different companies work with different strategies to keep their distributors motivated by offering them a pool of opportunities to earn in a surprisingly increasing manner. Our Unilevel MLM software will help all those companies to maintain the stability so that they can reach to maximum people while strengthening their company reputation.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus refers to the amount of commission newly joined distributors get. Some of the companies with Unilevel compensation plan leverage this bonus to new joiners once they achieve the specified target within time.

The companies organize even many sales campaigns wherein; distributors can get the achievement bonus by simply meeting their sales target for that particular campaign. The criteria of calculating fast start bonus may vary from company to company.

Our Unilevel MLM software allows companies to set their criteria for eligible distributors of the Fast Start Bonus according to their company policies. Moreover, accuracy and efficiency are assured.


Rank Advancement Bonus

It is one of the most common types of bonus under unilevel compensation plan. The distributors are eligible for this bonus whenever they acquire a higher level rank. This is usually a one-time bonus.

Our Unilevel MLM solution allows companies to set their rank maintenance criteria easily. If distributor will meet the criteria, he will get his bonus. If he will not meet that criterion, he may get to a lower grade.

Leadership Bonus Pool

This is the additional benefits for the top ranked people existing in the Unilevel MLM Compensation plans. Companies use this to keep the high leadership morale boosted. It can be calculated on yearly basis or quarterly basis in different companies.

Our solution will help the companies to fix their criteria for different level of leaders and set the percentage of the leadership bonus pool accordingly.


Coded Bonus

You can also refer coded bonus as the motivational bonus for the distributors in MLM companies. This additional bonus is divided among the distributors based on coded relationships they have. Their coded relationship may differ due to the set of rules that a company defines.

Volochain Unilevel MLM compensation software allows you to enable or disable this bonus for different distributors as per the coded relationship. You can also set the ratio of bonus through back-office.


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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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