Forced Matrix Plan

An Introduction to Forced Matrix Plan

Forced matrix plan is the mlm compensation plan that comes with certain limitations. In this plan, the amount of sub-members one member can have depends upon the limit specified by the company.

For example, if it is a 2*4 group, the members on the top level can go 4 levels deep to fill in members. This is the reason; the forced matrix is also known as a pyramid scheme.

Volochain Forced Matrix Plan software allows the companies to set the number of new members allowed as well as the commission for the distributors in few clicks. We strive to make mlm business easy and efficient with complete precision.

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How Volochain Forced Matrix Software Works?

The forced matrix plan software from Volochain allows companies to manage the numbers of members required by setting the limit. Our software comprises a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to handle even if you do not have in-depth technical knowledge.

Our software range is utterly customizable to leverage companiesí full control over the workflow wherein the matrix size, and the commission percentage for every level is in their hands.

Why Volochain Forced Matrix Plan Software?

Unlike other MLM plans Forced matrix compensation plan is all about simplifying the teamwork. Moreover, our software adds to the purpose by allowing you to set the maximum limit of members in one matrix and setting their commission percentage.

In addition to that, our software will also take care of the period a person worked on an individual level so that he can grow to the next level he has put effort for.



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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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