EmgoldX MLM Software

An Introduction to EmgoldX MLM Software

EmGoldex MLM plan is also known as Table Plan MLM Plan. It is the marketing plan designed to serve the advertising purpose. It is suitable for international network marketing people who specialize in gold business.

This plan works with a unique arrangement where orders from the customers are positioned from left to right and the members are positioned from top to bottom. It will not be wrong to say that it works in reverse order.

To keep the members and orders position simple and straightforward, Volochain brought forward its EmGoldex MLM software with robust features.

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How Volochain EMGOLDEX Plan MLM Software Works?

The EmGoldex plan works with a reverse Binary MLM plan wherein one can recruit 2 people into their first level upline. And, the profit margin completely depends on the upline members being active i.e., the inactiveness of even one leg may lead to money loss.

Hence, our software helps you identify the inactive members so that you can implement improvements that can guide the weak links towards better performance. Volochain EmGoldex is easily customizable too so that you can set your companiesí bonus percentage as and when required.

Compensation Scenario with Volochain MLM EMGOLDEX Software

The bonuses that are offered under EMGOLDEX MLM Plan can be categorized into two groups, i.e.

Sponsor/Referral Bonus

Sponsor/Referral bonus is one of the most common compensation in all the MLM plans. It is quite easy to earn every time one new member is referred or any sales target is achieved by the members. Our software simplifies the goals setting and tracking process eliminating the manual interventions.


Table Split Bonus

The table split bonus is one of the special kinds of bonuses where every user is eligible for getting a bonus whenever a split happens in the matrix. This plan starts from the reverse order till the members are filled in the upline. Our software allows you to manage the number of member, their splits, and the respective bonuses in a well-mannered way.


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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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