Hybrid Plan MLM Software

An Introduction to Hybrid Plan MLM Software

Hybrid MLM plan is one of the most successful plans of MLM companies that received the quality response. It is an advanced plan that combines two business plans together for eliminating the scope of limitations to the plan as well as the growth of the business.

The network of Hybrid Plan can go deeper and wider with the time. The dependency of profit margins will shift from one downline to the newly filled downline. The plan is completely free from any kind of dictatorship.

Volochain Hybrid MLM software has all the advanced options and features to manage such a wide and deep sort of plan with utmost precision and practicality.

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How Volochain Hybrid Plan MLM Software Works?

The Hybrid Plan works with the combination of two plans i.e. Binary Plan and Unilevel Plan. It starts with two members, and then rest of the members gets recruited underneath until the levels get filled up. This implies a need for better management and most importantly, a schematic structure.

And, our software works aptly to all these needs without any delays or break in structure. All you need to do is align our software with the criteria your business people to follow with the percentages of bonus they will be eligible for at different levels and the things will work in the same order until a new change is made.

Compensation Scenario with Volochain MLM Hybrid Plan Software

The bonuses that are offered under Hybrid MLM Plan can be categorized into two groups, i.e.

Sponsor Bonus

The "sponsor bonus" or the "referral bonus" is for the user who brings new members in the network. This bonus is of high value because it shows that the member is eagerly working towards improvement of the network growth. Our software makes the bonus reimbursement automated to keep the enthusiasm of such members sparked.


Fast Start Bonus

The Fast start Bonuses is for the distributors who achieve their targets within time, but this is only for newly-joined members. Some of the companies often organize sales campaigns to uplift the sales wherein the distributors can earn the achievement bonuses on meeting the sales target for that particular campaign.

Volochain MLM Software makes it easy to track every campaign with the members involved, revenue earned, and the bonus eligibility.

Custom Bonus

This is the additional type of bonus that can be customized for every company as per their requirements and strategies. The admin of the plan get an added advantage to introduce new bonuses for extraordinary performances.

Guess what? Our software is ready for that as well.



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Volochain MLM Software Features

We are leading MLM software providers offering a wide variety of software for network marketing processes. Our feature-packed software will help you manage the entire network-based business model efficiently and effectively.

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