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At Volochain, we understand the importance of doing business transactions in multiple currencies. Our MLM Software with advanced features provides several functionalities to enable your users to carry out online transactions effortlessly. With the integration of multi-currency with the MLM software, you may do online transactions of both digital and physical currencies.


Complete Multi-currency Integration

Every business has dual purposes to accomplish when it comes to online transactions. Firstly, from the business perspective, for the ease of doing business, it is essential to do transactions in a particular currency. However, with respect to your customers, it is crucial to provide them with the option to choose a currency of their choice while doing online transaction.

Our multi-currency integration provides multiple payment options in multiple languages. It is a comprehensive solution aimed at simplifying the complexities involved in online payments both for you and your customers. On the one hand, we enable businesses to manage their online transactions with multi-currency integration feature in Direct Selling software, and on the other hand, we enhance the shopping experience of your customers by easing their online payment activities. Also, multi-currency integration is equipped to handle all sorts of coin payments, in addition to the physical currencies.

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