September 21, 2021
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How Network Marketing Industry Fight Through The Covid-19 Pandemic?

While the effect of Covid-19 is being dealt with worldwide, an unprecedented situation is arising in which most industries are experiencing significant layoffs because of falling sales and declining profits. 


Because of this, many individuals choose alternative jobs with zero or minimal initial investment and provide them the chance to be their own boss. Here is a chance to take a new look at Direct Selling powered by MLM software- the growing trend in the gig economy. 


The digitalization backed by network marketing software has made the direct sales sector a boon for many thousands of years, new rising entrepreneurs, students, and naïve graduates. Considering young people who are digitally knowledgeable and appreciated as mentors, they appear nimble at work. 


While many of this generation’s representatives choose full-time work, many of them waste time on self-employment. Direct sales is probably a cost-effective product and a chance for a company to make a sales commission along with full-time income. 


It also provides livelihoods for millions of individuals who cope with the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic at the same time. Direct selling without network marketing software has been in use since the 20th century and has offered a profitable non-traditional revenue strategy for earning a livelihood. The sector also offers significant advantages to consumers, in addition to entrepreneurs, as an alternative to offline retail locations. 


In more than 170 nations, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations is the worldwide direct selling industry. More than 5 million individuals in India participate in direct sales, of whom 60% are women. India has seen a total of 5.7 million direct sellers increase from 5.1 million in 2016-2017 in 2018-19, equal to 800 individuals each day. 


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The ASSOCHAM study shows that the Indian direct sales sector is projected to expand at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of about 4.8 percent by 2021, reaching Rs 15,930 crore. This figure may be ascribed to the flexibility and creativity of the direct sales sector.


How is MLM Industry Growing?


Technology upgradation


Technological advances such as AI, chatbots, and speech bots offer the finest user experience in the direct sales sector now, all thanks to network marketing software.


This also helps to collect past data from consumers and offers sufficient information for predictive customer analysis. This is an intelligent approach to provide consistency for direct sales, isn’t it? 


Security of payment 


In India, digital payments are increasing quicker than in other nations and have risen by 55% compared with other Asian countries. Digital transaction technique prevents payment delays and results in minimal reliance on the representative. 


Additionally, with the present pandemic scenario, digitalization, for example, MLM software is an essential element to prevent possible hygiene problems in the area of currency exchange. This also optimizes the sales flow and gives customers a pleasant experience. 


Internet and social networks 


In top companies, digitalization and social media play an emerging role. A fast internet network enables companies to extend their reach and generate sales possibilities. It is a straightforward way of finding your direct consumers. 


You may now simply grow your company and engage with consumers via sharing e-brochures, slot machines, business information, product blogs, and articles, etc., rather than socially connected. 


Influencer marketing to measure consumers’ attentiveness 


Influencer marketing has given the direct sales sector a new trend. The conventional ‘word of mouth’ method may be extremely influential by an influencer. This may potentially broaden your reach to an international level. 


The study indicates that about 92 percent of businesses think that influencer marketing is an efficient way to reach a broad audience. 


Emerging health and wellness trends 


According to WFDSA, the wellness product sector consisted of 55% in 2019 out of total sales, followed by Cosmetics & Personal Care, 27% in India. In the future, this increasing tendency is likely to continue. 


The epidemic has pushed Direct Sales to develop more into a place for health and wellness. Companies are conscious of boosting immunity and creating a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, because of a direct approach through MLM software and no duplication of goods, the channel has a confident effect on consumers. 


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Since the increase of Covid-19, personal and consumer health care goods have been the most popular category marketed via direct sales in India. 


Examples include probiologies for good health, immune health supplements, etc. that may help individuals increase immunity and can be an excellent option for dealing with the pandemic.


World of Mobile 


The mobile world is an essential medium for direct sales. Today, individuals talk to their cell phones instead of connecting to themselves. The gadget serves as the quickest channel for communication marketing by network marketing software.


This trend provides an opportunity via email marketing, SMS promotions, subscriptions, mobile applications, e-commerce, promotional calls, etc. 


In summary, despite the difficulties, the sector continues to grow stronger. It has become a realistic employment choice for individuals of Gen X and Y, seeking a comfortable business model and simultaneously striving for a work-life balance. 


Many Direct Sales businesses invest in digital and technological goods such as network marketing software, R&D, and distributor incentives in India with the newest trends and features. The “tailwind” for direct sales of a company in India represents an expansion in the big economy, health and wellness, and social community established on social platforms.




This style is not new in India either, but nevertheless attracts the attention of the public (ordinary people), who make it suitable for industry. However, throughout this lock-down period, the new office as sent by PM Modi is at home. COVID Lockdown has succeeded in the informal sector. 


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The purchase and sale are intended exclusively for necessary goods such as staples, food, fruit, and vegetables. E-commerce looks in the wrong form because nothing is sent since the lockdown is total in hotspot areas. Security is strengthened so that there is no infringement No delivery implies no order placed. 


MLM software companies have a wonderful opportunity to understand business vulnerabilities. Developing strong software may provide you the greatest opportunity for your company in the correct way. This makes MLM backed by MLM software an important asset for the software development company.

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