August 23, 2019

Looking for Best MLM Software? Capterra Ratings and Reviews Show Volochain Among Best Software

If you get into the world of multilevel marketing, you probably have many questions about how you will be paid. Unlike a normal business, in multi-level marketing, your compensation results from your commissions and those of the people you recruit. A portion of each person’s income goes upstream to the person who hired him or her into the business.


To manage such different compensation plans and bonuses schemes, you should choose the best MLM software based on reviews and ratings on Capterra. It ensures you made an informed decision.


Let’s Look At The History of compensation plans in the MLM


The compensation plans in MLM companies date back to before MLM. Before direct selling was a concept, early precedents for pyramid-type compensation schemes were illegal pyramid schemes.


In the initial design of the pyramid scheme, recruits contribute to the system and then recruit others to pay for membership. Although many MLMs still need the purchase, modern MLMs offer recruits products for sale in exchange for their purchase and do not offer direct rewards for recruiting.


These early scams gave way to legal means for distributing income in the pyramid. In the 1940s, several companies tried to sell to their distributors and then encourage these distributors to sell to other distributors they had recruited.


In the 1960s, Amway created a legal business model from the concept of pyramid payments, although they often clashed with the FTC. Once Amway’s basic pyramid payment system was put in place, other companies have resumed operations and created many of the basic idea variants that we will discuss shortly.


But now the scenario is completely different, especially with the advent of digitization. You just need good MLM software to manage all your tasks with ease and efficiency. The good news is you can invest in Volochain MLM Software, which is leading on Capterra and has got the best MLM software provider reviews till now.


The new and advanced MLM software help you to manage all sorts of MLM plans under one umbrella including


Matrix or forced matrix

The matrix compensation plan is the most common MLM compensation plan. Most people then express matrix planes with two numbers, as follows: 1 x 3. In this case, 1 x 3 means that for a person at a given level, there may be 3 distributors below, but no more.


The Binary Plan

A binary plan is the compensation plan wherein distributors can have only two frontline distributors. If a distributor sponsors more than two distributors, the excess amount falls below the level of the first distributor. ”


A lot of MLM companies you will meet will resort to a binary compensation plan.


Binary plans are remarkable for their simplicity at every step of the process. No one should worry about trading with anyone other than their only supplier and their two distributors. Theoretically, the profits of downstream distributors increase and stocks return in the opposite direction.



As the title suggests, the one-level compensation plan allows each Distributor to recruit as many people as they want, without limit. This leaves the opportunity for an aggressive person to develop a huge organization, all of which contribute directly to their bottom line.


Unilevel’s plans are brilliant in their simplicity and in the clarity of the amount of their profits. Commissions can be a simple percentage and everyone can easily determine exactly what they can earn with a given transaction.


Unilevel’s plans are the rule for their ease of entry for newcomers to the MLM scene.


The Uni-level compensation plan offers a one-level compensation plan, although it also includes a variety of other benefits.


Even if there are any other plans including the Party Plan, you can rely on Volochain MLM Software. It is leading on Capterra with positive reviews and ratings.

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