August 11, 2020
What Strategies & Opportunities in Network Marketing Business During Covid-19

What Strategies & Opportunities in Network Marketing Business During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left hundreds of people jobless who are now looking for additional sources of income. An MLM business powered by a robust network marketing software can prove to be the best bet for them to leverage this opportunity and build a business of themselves.


Although the pandemic has shaken up the entire economy and there is no end in sight for the repercussions that the global economy is witnessing. However, there is a silver lining to all these difficult times. In this post, we will look at a few ways through which you can leverage the opportunities and strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Strategies For MLM During COVID-19


These strategies can help you in perfectly leveraging these uncertain times and maximizing the potential for your MLM business. These 8 steps can prove to be the holy grail in bringing your MLM business right on track amidst this pandemic.


1- Increase customer communication


Customers are now confined to their homes, leading them to have an ample amount of time in their hands. You can leverage this time by sending out e-mails and circulars that keeps them updated with the latest developments in your business and keeps them motivated towards a shared business goal.


With cutting-edge MLM software solutions, you can easily source all your client’s communication details that you can use to send out personalized messaged specifically tailored to specific audiences.



2- Re-target your existing audience


By effectively re-targeting your existing audience can prove to be of tremendous assistance while developing leads for your MLM venture.


Audience behavior has witnessed an enormous shift since the pandemic induced lockdown began, curtailing economic activities throughout the nation. The best MLM software can provide you with data related to your existing audience that you can deploy to re-target them.


3- Leverage Digital communication mediums


Ever since the lockdown was imposed, the digital content consumption metrics have skyrocketed. People are spending an increased amount of time in front of screens and are consuming digital content more than ever. It is time that you leverage this trend to its full extent and sends out enormous amounts of content that is informational and add value to your audience’s knowledge base.


The best MLM software can help you in obtaining industry-specific data that can help you in generating quality content that has industry-related insights and projections for the future that can help in bolstering customer confidence.


4- Host Digital meetups


Now is the perfect time to start conducting webinars if you are not already doing so. Webinars are very effective in educating people in masses and generating enormous engagement through dedicated QnA sessions.


Webinar conversations can help you in identifying weak areas in your MLM business as well as user suggestions that can help you in tackling those weaknesses. Best MLM software solutions can provide you with cold-hard facts that can help you in making your webinar effective and generating new leads due to increased customer awareness.


5- Set up a digital marketplace


Owing to the government-enforced curfew, people are increasingly relying on E-commerce portals to source their everyday needs. If you have been refraining to set up an online marketplace for your MLM venture’s products, now is the perfect time to set one up.


Setting up an e-commerce portal will enable you to serve your customers digitally and they can order any product using your online portal. Network marketing software, or in other words, cutting edge MLM software solutions can help your MLM venture by enabling you to establish your very own eCommerce portal.


6- Host virtual meetings with your members


Ever since the pandemic struck, share-holder meetings, client-customer interactions, or even general communication between business members have been hindered. You must effectively deploy digital means to host virtual meetings and conferences with your members and inculcate new means to capture leads.


Best MLM software solutions have an embedded notification feature that can send notifications to your MLM members for ensuring maximum engagement and lead capture.



7- Deploy apt Content Marketing strategies


Marketing experts claim that Content Marketing is the only form of marketing left for businesses to rely upon. Content is not only informative but the potential that a targeted Content Marketing strategy entails is matched by only a few mediums out there.


You must ensure that effective Content Marketing strategies are deployed that are targeted towards increasing customer awareness and helping your brand in staying relevant in your audience’s minds. A network marketing software can help you in managing the increased customer base acquired through other marketing means effortlessly.


8- Host virtual events online


Just because of this pandemic, meeting sessions, launch events, trade shows, all have been canceled. A network marketing software can help you in establishing seamless connectivity with your members. This pandemic has created a ripple effect throughout the industry and has forced even major brands to push their events online.


You too can deploy the same strategy for your MLM venture and host virtual events such as product launch demonstrations or meeting sessions. Best MLM software solutions can help you in getting targeted user data and the SMS module embedded in this software can help you in making your virtual event a huge success.

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