March 23, 2020

Board Vs Unilevel Compensation Plan

Marketing is the new business mantra to overcome financial insecurity. And we know that for ages. But what are we in fact doing?  No, we keep imagining this. We also can’t run away from the obsolete nature of the market… So, what next? That’s how MLM (Multi-level marketing) is different from conventional marketing themes. It comprises of things endowed with unlimited potential, not in terms of effort, human networking (business chain), but in terms of revenues too.


Now, this is up to you which category you want to fall in… We live in an egalitarian world. It exposes us to both good and challenging aspects. When it comes to the need of the hour! Association of Human is important. A single person can’t make a family. Likewise, at workplaces, we build a team–a catalyst to bring fortunes.


This can’t be a better platform for MLM… This is not just a marketing but an organization to change long-awaited fortunes. In nutshell,-you don’t have to run after success; rather success will follow you. That’s the hallmark of MLM design and framework.


Key Highlights:


Based on a strong business model that allows existing members to attract new distributors.



  • In MLM schemes, pyramid selling is a common phenomenon; a testimony whether your downline efforts never go in vain. Everyone gets their share depending on sustenance and diligence.


  • MLM is a versatile concept with amazing plans demonstrating the depth of the business plan.



Among all major MLM plans – (Board and Unilevel Compensation Plan) are two popular ones. If you are thinking– to invest post announcement of Union Budget 2020. Many investors were eagerly waiting on the fence to start proceedings. Since it was announced by Hon’ble FM Nirmala Sitharaman a month ago, so there can’t be a better opportunity than this.


Let’s understand MLM: 

1) Board Plan

2) Unilevel Compensation Plan


Board Compensation Plan 


If there is any plan dynamic in nature and seen often in enterprises, then this is the Board Plan. It works on a universal concept adhered to by all. It comprises of 3,5, or 9 members and each one gets the commission and benefits.


Lesser the family…. Fewer the chance of anomalies … an attribute itself of Board Plan. That is why it is also called Revolting Matrix Plan. This plan could be easily played between friends, family or colleagues. This makes it one of the most popular MLM brands. MLM set the board with allowed members. And this process continues every time.


Any member who finds it complicated may not get the same benefit as others. Time-by-time you get benefits and commissions as a bonus. Once the board is completed the members, split into sub-trees. They may differ from company to company as the authority decides the no. Members of a Board.


There are connotations to describe MLM….Be it referral marketing, networking marketing, or pyramid selling. To understand it better and distribute income; there is robust board plan software making it both accessible and feasible.


“Without MLM software it seems to foresee a cricket match without pitch”. 


So, this is indispensable. Companies these days are incorporating software to combat any glitch. The whole idea is to have a transparent and accountable approach that leaves no glitches.





Key Features: 

Multiple Payment Options — All the businesses comprised of selling products and services. Payment features make payments accessible.


Referral Bonus – It allows you to calculate no. of sales for sponsoring referrals When you refer someone, you get the amount in return.


Level Commission– Depends on how business penetrates. As the core concept —of all MLM plans; the downline efforts impart attractive income and benefits. This allows the level head to earn a lucrative income.


Position Bonus- When downline members get maximized benefits due to achievement of downline members. So, it’s all about making it big.


Board Plan Completion Bonus:


In this scenario, those who complete the bonus. Members are eligible once the board is completed.



Unilevel Compensation Plan 


There is a catch! Don’t go by the term. One can add unlimited members in the first level and increase the width. Though it is easier as it looks. Users can earn while recruiting a substantial number of members to the downline that allow the distributor to earn amazing profits. This plan leaves no room for complexities – as it is easier to understand.


In a Unilevel compensation plan, you build a stronger and longer network. Here, Frontrunners get the maximum benefits.  This is favored by people who like their efforts noticed. Surely, a great morale-booster for those who like leadership.





Usually, it is calculated as (3-8) % of total business volume to a specified level that goes to (5-8) levels. It does not allow SPILLOVER… and distribution goes in a linear way.


What is Spill Over? 


This is a situation when recruiting the highest no. The downlines to one level. Any recruiter after signing will spill over to the next possible level. In this case, the next level is occupied by the following level. This increases the volume of the weaker leg.


You only get payments up to the 4th and 8th level of your team. So, it is wiser to sponsor who is a front liner. This is quite different from – the concept of developing legs but about developing levels. Hence you join someone, and this becomes your secondary level, and so forth. The pattern of the commission paid out at the specified level.


Advantages of unilevel MLM software:


  • It diminishes any possibilities because of its simple and complex-free nature
  • Based on effective leadership this could prove to be a real gem for people on top
  • Faster Bonus and Residual Income

There are mainly 4 levels of compensation: 


  • Pool Bonus
  • Level Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Referral / Sponsor Bonus




  • Unlike the Binary Plan, the distribution of income is limited
  • Downline development is limited to a certain extent
  • Works in a prototype manner


This can’t be a better moment and better platform for making MLM an essential aspect of corporate success.



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